Days of Weekends Past

This past weekend we decided to have a few friends over for a little pool party.

The boys got into their swimsuits as soon as they woke up.

All the food was prepped and I got out all of my outdoor dining gear.

Assortment of melamine tableware from Home Goods, Target, One Kings Lane and the sadly defunct Fortunoff

I put the sunscreen into this cute little bucket I got from One Kings Lane.

 I still hadn't gotten around to planting the annuals in their usual spot around the driveway.  I couldn't have people over to the house without finishing that up. Let's just say this big belly of mine is making it hard to do a lot of gardening this summer.

So, I enlisted some help:

While Tristan was helping with the planting, Hayden helped by taking over my phone to document the process:

More importantly, he had to take a TON of selfies while we were toiling away.

Somehow, we got the job done in time:
(excuse the messy leaves on the driveway. this pic was just after a little rain storm.)

and we were able to enjoy ourselves poolside:



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