Turkey Overload

Hello there!

For those of you who celebrated Thanksgiving last week, I hope you had a lovely holiday.  One of my favorite people, my sister, made it out to spend the holiday with us and I was BEYOND happy.  I also overexerted myself by trying to cook a gazillion side dishes and a dessert.  I made a sweet potato casserole, creamed spinach, butternut squash soup, brussels sprouts, stuffing, cranberry sauce,  cranberry relish and chocolate dipped coconut macaroons.  I think that's it.... yes that's it.

So needless to say, I am still EXHAUSTED and didn't use the time to rest up at all, but c'est la vie.

Aunty Amby with her favorite guys

I originally thought that we would be hosting Thanksgiving at our house.
Images of tablescapes danced in my head.
Table setting via Martha Stewart
Only thing, there were a few things working against us.

No dining room table or chairs.
 (Don't worry that hideous air conditioner will be gone soon.)

and no chandelier hung for us to see our lovely dinner....

Some details of the ceiling for your viewing pleasure...

Don't you love our lovely Ikea table that has been to hell and back?
We still have some work to do in this room like finishing the shelves to the right of the fireplace and painting them. The peachier tone in the shelf area was the color when we bought the house. We liked the color palette of the room so we just tweaked it slightly. Also, this room is actually two colors- one from floor to the white molding and one from molding to all of ceiling.

A view from the other end of the room:

This is the nook where the original buffet or sideboard was housed.  Though the sideboard is long gone, the mirror and molding are still with us.  Love the details.  Only problem? Trying to find a sideboard that is exactly 64 inches.  In case you don't know, that's tough.  Most of them are longer. So, the search continues.


Here is the inspiration for my dining room:
Image via Nuevo Estilo


 The article credited (in Spanish) the table from Julian Chichester and the light from Quasar.  Of course due to my obsessive nature about finding things for our house, I tracked down this table and light. 
Unfortunately both are looking out of my budget right now. Boo!
The wood version of the Julian Chichester table

Citadel composition by Quasar

The marble topped Saarinen dining table has always been a favorite of mine.  As usual, with all the things I love, it is accompanied by a high price tag and the largest size it comes in is still a bit smaller than what we would like for our room.  I tried to get one built to my measurements, but I'm not sure that will work out either.  :(

Diane Bergeron Interiors, Image via Decorpad

Here are some chandies that I would love to hang in the room:
(though not really any more budget-friendly. lol)
Oly Studio Pipa Chandelier, image via Mably Handler-Decorpad

Janice Minor chandelier from Horchow


Apparatus cloud chandelier, Image via Apparatus Studio

 So, we'll see how it turns out.
Updates to follow.
For more of my dining room inspiration, go {here}.

p.s. The floors in our dining room needed a rehaul.  I didn't feel like shelling out the dinero to have them redone.  So, I used this Miniwax hardwood floor cleaner and their Reviver and I have to say for the $30+ I shelled out, it was worth every penny.  I'll show you what you need to do in an upcoming post, but it is SUPER easy.

Hope all is well.
Happy Friday!



  1. The room is looking great so far. I'm curious to hear how you did the floors - there are a few rooms in my house that could probably use the same perk up.

    1. Hi Jordana! Thanks re: the dining room.
      Hope you and the fam are doing great.

      You'll need a painter's pad:

      and this to start:

      I got the Hardwood cleaner at Home Depot for $5. The guy there told me that depending on the condition of your floors this might be all you need. All you have to do it follow the instructions- squirt directly on the floor in an "S" shape making sure you do a small area per "S" so you get all of the floor covered. (I'm improvising here without having the instructions directly in front of me.) FYI-This is not a wasted process because you will need to clean your floors anyway if you have to move on to the next step.

      I tried that first and it cleaned my floors, but it did not work miracles. So, I moved on to the next step, the Reviver:

      Same instructions, super easy. I think you just have to make sure that your floors are 'finished' and don't have wax on them. Most hardwood floors have polyurethene on them so you should be fine. I would test a spot if you are unsure. Also, figure out what kind of gloss your floor is. For example, my dining room floor is high gloss like many floors, but the floors in the rest of my house are low gloss. The low gloss Reviver is harder to find in stores and it's probably easier to just buy off of Amazon.

      Happy flooring! Send me some pics if you try it out!!


    2. I am going to try this soon - thanks!


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