Where Oh Where Did My Power Go?

So goes day # 8 with no power. Luckily, my parents live in a neighboring town, so we are staying with them while the powers that be (pun intended) work on restoring our power due to the lovely Hurricane Sandy. More importantly, our family is safe and sound when others are MUCH less fortunate.

Events like these should remind us how much we take for granted and what truly is important in our lives.  At least I got to spend some always needed quality time with the boys while our sitter was stranded in the city.


As I was finishing up this post, our power was restored!!!

Hope all of you are safe, warm and well lit.
For those of you who still have no power, had your homes damaged or destroyed in the storm, I am thinking of you.  
Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.



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