Happy Friday!

Happy Friday and Happy New Year!
I hope you had an amazing time ringing in the new year and saying goodbye to 2012.

An upcoming deadline for work is keeping me busy, busy, busy.

So for now, I'll just have to share 5 things making me happy on this grey, winter day.
Loving my Sperry Top-Siders that my generous secret Santa bought me for Christmas:

J. Crew Sperry Top-Siders

Getting cozy to watch dad use our 'new' snowblower:

This yummy (and easy) lemon chicken recipe that I made for our New Year's Eve dinner:
Thanks for coming Craig and Christina!
Lemon chicken breasts from the Barefoot Contessa
A sneak peek from our 99% completed powder room:
(more pics to come next week)

A sneak peek from our 'almost' completed master bathroom:
(more pics to follow next week)
I hope you have a lovely weekend!!!!
Any fun plans?


  1. Love those boots. You really had a great secret santa. They actually would have been great in Italy!!

    1. Yes, I had the best secret santa EVER! xo


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