Guests Welcome

Hello there!

I know.  I know. It's been soooooo long since we last spoke.
The new job is kicking my arse.  Luckily I met my first big deadline and I now have time to devote to my 3rd child, StyleBurbia.

There has been some progression on the house since we last spoke.

So, here we are.

Remember the inspiration for my powder room?

If not, let's take a lookie.

The great thing about inspiration is that you start with an idea and you go with it.  Sometimes you get something really close to your inspiration, but if things happen more organically you end up with something completely different with your personal touches.

Ok. This is what the powder room looked like before we bought the house.

Nothing wrong with it, but definitely more traditional than our taste.  Anyone want to buy a hand painted sink?

Remember how many mosaic tiles I looked at?

For a refresher course, take a look {here} and {here}.

I was pretty much convinced that mosaic was definitely going to be it.

But, something just didn't feel right.

Hubby fell in love with this tile on a sink display in the Paramus, NJ showroom of Porcelanosa, but I feared it was a bit too out there.  I thought one whole wall of it might be too much.

Then I showed the lovely Aileen, our favorite lady from Porcelanosa, another one of my inspiration photos from Pinterest (Check out my bathroom inspiration {here}) and the rest is history.

striped tile wall
HGTV blog

And here are the details of our new powder room.......

Bowl sink and the lovely, quilted, Chanel-inspired vanity.


ET2 Oracle Mirror from Capitol Lighting

Ceiling light:

Zuo Stellar Ceiling Light bought at

Striped walls made out of a plain white tile and a fun-house, mirrored tile:

Floor tile:

It was hard to capture an accurate representation of this.
It's a greenish, silverish, metallic tile.  Love it.

Drum roll, please....

The (basically) finished product!!

Took long enough, huh?

I hope you like it. 
I love how the stripes, wavy wall tile, sea colored floor tile and the porthole-like mirror give the bathroom an unintentional nautical feel. 

Wall and floor tiles, sink, faucet and vanity all by Porcelanosa.
Thanks again to the lovely, Aileen who collaborated with us to come up with this AMAZING (at least I think so) concept.



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