What I'm Obsessing Over Now

Hello there lovies! Did you have a nice long weekend?

So many things to still do and we are coming down to the wire. The kitchen renovation is well on it's way.
The walls and ceiling are up, the sub floor is down.  Electrical and plumbing are done.  The hardwood floor is going to be installed this week, so we should be ready to install our kitchen cabinets next week.

We still need to:
Pick out our granite counter top
Pick out our kitchen faucets
Figure out what we are doing for the back splash in the kitchen
Pick out lighting for above the sink
Pick out sconces for the sun room off of the kitchen

It would also be nice to figure out what we are doing for the accent wall in the guest bath off of the kitchen
and to pick out a tile for the floor and light for that same bathroom.

Luckily we have already:
Picked out our sinks
and.... um....
Oh. Wait. We must have done something.
Oh, yes- picked out our appliances, our washer and dryer (our laundry room will actually be a part of our kitchen) and figured out what garbage disposals and water filter we will be using.

So, here's what's filling my mind lately:

Here are some of the beauties I came across while looking for the accent wall in the guest bathroom.

See my inspiration {here} and {here}.

If you can't take too much glam turn your eyes away from these sparkly, glittery tiles. LOL.

Pictures from Wayne Tile showroom, Sicis displays in Ramsey, NJ:

Yes, these trees are also made of tiles.

Can you believe it? These absolutely breathtaking mosaics are all made of tile.
Btw- Those hunky guys are also covered in tile. LOL.

Hello there tile man. Cute hat. Not!

Seriously though, these mosaics were AMAZING.  I wouldn't want every one in my house as they weren't all my style or taste, but the artistry was ABOVE AND BEYOND.

So, I've narrowed it down to this lovely accent wall for our guest bathroom. 
In case you can't figure it out, I want to make a MAJOR impact.

This picture does not do this pattern justice.

I'm also thinking about doing the above mosaic in the below colors instead to lighten the room up a bit.

Can you say GORGEOUS?

Still trying to figure out the faucets in the kitchen.

Thinking about something like one of these:
(Sorry for the small picture, but if I made it bigger it would be waaaaay too blurry.)

Blanco Acclaim Kitchen Faucet

Kohler Purist Kitchen Faucet

We basically want a faucet with one hole and a built-in pull down sprayer.  There are other faucets that I like better, but they don't have a built-in sprayer and I'm trying to avoid having an extra sprayer and therefore another piece of equipment on my counter. 

See what I mean?

Dorn Bracht Two Hole Mixer and Hand Spray Set

I just want a hole for the faucet and one for the soap.  Nada more.
Sleek and simple.

I don't want to overload you with images, so I'll just share a few of the lights that I am thinking of for over the island/sink area.

Kitchen by Downsview Kitchens

Design by Divine Kitchens LLC, Image via Houzz.com

Design by Highmark Builders, Image via Houzz.com

Check out more of my light choices on my Pinterest page {here}.

So many things to still do in such a short amount of time.

More updates and pictures to come this week!

Let me know what's keeping you busy these days.

Thanks for stopping by!



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