I Think it's a Sign

Remember when I posted about my dream guest bathroom

It's so beautiful I have to post it again- to refresh your memory of course- not because I LOVE it and can't stop looking at it. ;)

Image from Town

Well, I bought two magazines (a special edition of Domino Magazine and House Beautiful) the other week.  In BOTH magazines, chandeliers very similar to the one in MY bathroom were featured.

I think this means that the above chandelier and I were meant to be.  Don't you?

Here's the chandelier featured in Domino Magazine:

Image from Domino Magazine Quick Fixes, Special Edition

Here are the same chandeliers featured in the May issue of House Beautiful:

Room designed by Christina Murphy, featured in May 2012 House Beautiful

The chandeliers featured in Domino Magazine and House Beautiful are slightly different than the one featured in my dream guest bathroom.  The ones featured in both magazines are from a company called Worlds Away

My google searching pointed me towards Zincdoor.com where I found the Worlds Away chandelier featured in both mags.

Worlds Away Faceted Chandelier

While I was oohing and aahing at all of the lovely items on zinc door, I ALSO found the exact chandelier in my dream guest bathroom. 

Oly Studio Grayson Chandelier

Though it's possible that it could be this Worlds Away pendant. 

Hard to tell, huh?

Worlds Away Faceted Antique Mirror Pendant

I think the two chandeliers without the fixtures hanging below the faceted area- the Oly Studio Grayson Chandelier and the Worlds Away Faceted Antique Mirror Pendant- offer a slightly cleaner look though both styles are quite lovely.  The only thing that scared me about the Oly Studio Grayson Chandelier was that zinc door doesn't even list the price of the chandelier.  It merely states, "call to order".  In case you're not familiar with "call to order" terminology, that means "expensive as hell" to us layman.  Lol.  So based on that, not sure if I would get the Oly Studio one, but the Worlds Away one might be within reach (and not worlds away- god that was corny- sorry couldn't help myself).  :) 

We'll see and you know I'll keep you updated.


p.s. On my continuing travels through sconce land to find the perfect sconces for my master bathroom, I came across the coordinating sconces for the Oly Studio Grayson Chandelier.

Oly Studio Grayson Sconce from Candelabra


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