We're Getting There

This weather stinks! I wish the sun would come out!

One of the good things about rain (besides providing water to plants and animals) is that it makes me feel slightly less bad about sitting in front of my computer for hours looking for sconces (lights for those lacking a PhD in lighting terminology. lol) for our master bathroom in our new house (that we still have not moved into- if you're wondering).  Yes, I know it's exciting. Try to contain yourselves, but this is what I have been spending my extra time doing.  Sad, but true.

Instead of trying to fit a larger vanity with two sinks into our master bathroom, we decided to buy two smaller vanities, one for me and one for hubby.  My mom said she saw this setup in a model bathroom and it looked pretty good, so we decided to go for it since it would work better in the space that we have. 

Take a look at this old picture of our master bathroom:

One vanity will go where the sink is and one will go in the empty space to the right where the towel bar is. 

Our master bathroom pre-demolition (from the files of StyleBurbia)

In addition to two vanities, we also bought two medicine cabinets.  They are recessed into the wall so they will essentially look like a regular mirror, but all of the storage will be hidden seamlessly into the wall.  We have one in our current apartment and it's great. 

Since they are not yet installed (got to love back order), here is a picture of one similar to the ones we will have soon.

Image from Houzz.com

I don't want the sconces to be too big because I really love the mirror/medicine cabinets and I don't want the lights to distract from their beauty.

Here's what I've found so far. 

 It's hard to really imagine what some of these will look like because they don't have pictures of them next to a mirror or in a bathroom setting.

Albion Sconce from Restoration Hardware

Found this picture of the Albion Sconce on Houzz.com:

Image from Houzz.com


Batalion Imports sconce from Capitol Lighting

Lite Source Wall Sconce from Walmart

Powell Sconce from Restoration Hardware

I found this picture of the Powell Sconce on Houzz.com:

Image from Houzz.com


Sutton Double Sconce from Restoration Hardware

The below sconce is very similar to the Sutton Double Sconce from Restoration Hardware (above) minus the chrome detailing at the end of each side and it has a square plate instead of a round one.

Minka-Lavery Sconce from Lamps Plus

Lighting is expensive!

Most of the sconces that I liked were in the $75-$150 range.  I tried to not even look at ones too much over $150 because it adds up quickly, especially when you need 4 of them.

Here's one that is slightly friendlier on the wallet.

Cilandro Sconce from Capitol Lighting

So, let me know what you think. 

Do you have sconces in your bathroom?

Any that you have come across lately and LOVE??


  1. We're putting the Albion sconces in our bathroom! They aren't installed yet, but I really like them.

  2. Dana-
    I think the Albions are great too-classic, but contemporary.
    I ended up getting the Double Sutton, also from Restoration Hardware.
    Send in your pics so we can see how the Albion looks in a real room.


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