Don't Let the Stress Get to You

When you're doing something as overwhelming as renovating your house you sometimes need to take a step back from all of the hard decisions- heat, air conditioning, kitchen layout, new roof angles, fixing crawl spaces, fixing chimneys, updating electrical, etc. etc. etc.- and focus on the parts that are pretty and fun.  For me that means, furniture and room layouts. Here are a few of the pretty things that I have been looking at to keep my mind off of the stressful stuff. Deep Breath! :)

There is a guest bathroom off of our kitchen. I was thinking something like this would be MAJOR!

Image from Town

Also, loving this bathroom.  By the way, this is tile. Not wallpaper, tile! Amazing, huh?

New Ravenna Mosaics

I love all of New Ravenna's ikat collection. I can envision any of these in my guest bathroom.

Love this Dining Room. Can you say amazing dinner parties?

Image from Nuevo Estilo via Marcus Design

If I didn't have to (happily) share my bedroom with hubby it might look something like this:

Image from Sweety Design

... but since I do.. thinking this bed from Restoration Hardware is a nice compromise..
It's quite lovely, but since it's made out of steel (nope, it's not wood) it has a manly edge ;).
At least, that's what I'm telling hubby to convince him that we need this bed. ;)

19th Century Keyhole metal bed from Restoration Hardware

Check out more of my inspirational boards at Pinterest.

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