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Hello there!
Just wanted to share some updated pictures of the kitchen....

It's white. It's glossy.

These poles will be painted white to blend in to the surroundings.

Before (for reference):

Little bit closer...

Trying to see if we can switch these glass doors.  I wanted something where the glass almost came to the end of the cabinet door.  These look a little like prison windows. ;) I think if I can't get a door with more glass, I'll swap these out for just plain front doors.

Before: Slightly different angle but just so you can see the old island

See this area that I circled in red below?
These were big doors that concealed the previous owners' washer and dryer. We decided to go with a similar set up, but these doors covered up a nice window and made the kitchen darker and we didn't want that.

So we took out the original window, which wasn't as wide but was taller and replaced it with this window.
Our washer and dryer will be in the two center cabinets below and a counter top will go over the top of all of the cabinets.  Basically, you won't even know they are there except for the fact that I just told you.  :)

 I also wanted to thank the lovely Tracy from the Totowa, New Jersey, Home Depot who made our cabinet planning and buying quite seamless.  We definitely have a strange layout, which you will see more of later, and it was NOT easy to figure out. Tracy was super helpful and patient. Exactly what we needed. Thanks Tracy! Our cabinets look just as amazing as some of the MUCH more expensive brands we were thinking about buying at a fraction of the cost (still not cheap, but kitchen cabinets are expensive regardless).

For more pictures from the renovation check out pictures {here}, {here}, {here} and {here}.
To see more of my inspiration for the kitchen take a look {here}.

Looking forward to showing you more.

Hope all is well.



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