My Life in Pictures

Date night.
Black tie firm function at the Museum of Natural History.
It was a priceless experience.

It was so cool having cocktails by these dinosaurs and having dinner under this amazing blue whale.


A little spring time action.
One of the blooming cherry trees in our backyard.

The pool is open. 

It is still too cold to go swimming and the water is a swamp. We opened it a little early to make sure that it was good and ready for Memorial Day weekend. Good weather gods please shine down upon us.

Don't you remember how our pool was finished just in time for the end of the summer last year? No?
Take a look {here}. 

Of course, all of this talk of pools and summer had me going ga-ga this week making sure that I was well prepared for the many, many guests I am planning on having this summer.
Yes, please invite yourself over. We will be poolside all summer. I am making up for last summer, so we are not going ANYWHERE. So, you might as well come to us.

Decisions, decisions.
I loved the color of these pillows at Home Goods, but they didn't have matching chaise lounge pillows.

So, I decided to go with a navy theme.
I couldn't decide on what pattern to choose so I bought them ALL. 
I'll figure out this weekend which ones will make the cut. 
I'll keep you updated.

I added more melamine plates to my collection because you can never have enough outdoor dining options (at least that's what I tell myself and my hubby).

I also got a kick out of the brand name of the plates since I have cousins that are brothers named Colin and Justin.

Colin + Justin melamine plates

Trying to finish up any and all projects I am working on in the house before the baby comes.

On the list now:

1) Dressing Room
2) Office
3) Redesign of Hayden and Tristan's new shared room

Don't worry I have pictures of all of the above. They will make their debut shortly.

So, in that vein I was thinking that this might be a cute addition to the office.

Last, but not least, my munchkins!

What a little helper! Tristan bringing in the recycling bins. They are bigger than he is. LOL.

The boys are prepping the crib for the baby.
 And by prepping, I mean loading all of their stuffed animals into the crib, putting on mom and dad's hoodies and jumping into the newly made stuffed animal pit.

This is also what happens while you let them play while you and hubby get a few more minutes of shut eye. 


My little tree hugger/climber and tongue sticker outer.

Have a great weekend!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mamas celebrating.
Make sure to treat the mothers in your life right!!!

I will be chilling with my feet up. If only I could enjoy the day with non-stop mimosas.
Oh well. I guess you can't have it ALL.



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