I Haven't Been Forthcoming

Wondering where I've been?

Still working hard and watching the summer pass me by (sniff).

While I've been super sad that I didn't get to partake in summer activities as much as I would have liked, I was also keeping busy on the home front with quite a large undertaking.

Remember all of my dreams last summer of pool parties and my earlier inspiration on how I wanted our pool to look? Well, I have some small updates.

Last time you saw our pool, it looked kinda like this:

And the lovely brick-like pavers that surrounded it:

Well, it looks slightly different now.

 We got a new liner on the pool and once we saw how great it was looking, we decided we also had to get rid of the old pavers and redo the entire patio around the pool.

The crazy thing about the whole project? 
The quotes to redo the patio were coming in WAY TOO HIGH.
We weren't sure what we were going to do. So, the world's best dad (that would be mine) offered to do it with the help of our handymen extraordinaire.

The hubs and I came up with the design and went down to Athenia Mason Supply and picked out the Cambridge pavers that were going to go around the pool.

We added this decorative circle:

We had a bunch of extra pavers, so we decided to change up this walkway just a little bit.

We ripped down the old fence because a lot of it was rotting and replaced it with a nearly identical one:

Yes, we need new outdoor furniture, but for now these will have to do.

A small picture of the completed circle:

A little landscaping done by moi (more to come):

Variegated lilyturf:

and some boxwoods:

So, the pool is officially open, just in time for the end of the summer.
(insert emoticon bawling its eyes out)
Here's hoping for a super Indian summer so we can get some more use out of this puppy!!!

Hope you like it.

Thanks again to my amazing father. You did a stupendous job, Dad!!! Love u!! xoxoxo

Thinking of redoing your patio yourself? Let me know. I'll send you the tutorials we used.

Thanks for stopping by folks!!!



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