Summer Fun!

So, here's what the pool at the new house looks like now:
From the files of StyleBurbia

From the files of StyleBurbia

Instead of having a safe, strong cover, it has what I like to call a death trap.  So we need to replace that and we also need to replace the lovely, sagging vinyl liner.  It definitely needs some TLC, which it should be receiving shortly.  In the mean time, I am daydreaming about all of the great parties we're going to have over the summer (if we make it into the house- fingers crossed).  I'm planning my pool party outfits- colorful one pieces, floppy hats and super flowy and breezy coverups.  I'm thinking of what outdoor plates and glassware to add to the small collection that I currently have and I'm thinking of all the cocktails and food I'm going to serve. 

So, until I can have one of these parties, let's look at some of my inspiration below:
Happy Summer!!

Summer Fun

Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized top
$142 -

Marc by Marc Jacobs oversized top
$142 -

Forever 21
$25 -

Elastic waist pants
$154 -

$84 -

$210 -

Becca cosmetic
$128 -

Becca cosmetic
$128 -

Cocobelle dressy shoes
$135 -

$34 -

Forever 21 straw hat
$14 -

Stacking Blue Acrylic Wine Glass
$2.95 -


  1. looks like a huge undertaking but I'll sure it'll look great after it is revamped :) your blog is a delight

    1. Fabliha-
      Yes, it is a huge undertaking, but it will definitely be worth it (at least that's what I keep telling myself. lol) Thanks for stopping by. I took a look at your blog and it's amazing! You (and your sis) have great style. I'll be stopping by on the regular. Hope you do the same.

  2. I hope that the pool is set up by my next visit. I'm excited for pool side drinks over the summer. xo

  3. I used to think that summer can be the worst season but now i have a swim pool at my yard, i start to enjoy the funny of summer now!


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