Bathroom Lighting Update

You know I love me some searching through a million sites on the internet.  I can't get enough.  I entered "bathroom sconces" into because I didn't LOVE the sconces I had posted about {here}They were nice and I liked them a lot, but I wasn't ecstatic about them.  So, "bathroom sconces" lead me to these lovelies.  I thought, "Wow.  These are different."  

Dayna Katlin Interiors bathroom- Image from has a section where readers can ask questions about the rooms that people post on the site.  Not everyone answers the questions, but the lovely Dayna Katlin, who designed the above bathroom, was nice enough to tell Houzz readers where she got these sconces: Circa Lighting.  So, my search continued.  Over to I went. 

This is what I found:

The sconces from my search on

Primitive sconce by Clodagh

When I showed these sconces to Hubby, he made a good point- for the bathroom you probably want a sconce that allows more light to come out.  Hmmmm... that makes sense, but maybe I can use these in the sun room area of my kitchen?

These would be great in the sun room too:

Micah sconce by John Rosselli

Absolutely fell in love with these:

Bowmont double sconce by Barbara Barry

I don't think I have enough room next to the mirror to have a double sconce. 
Good thing they come in a single:

Bowmont single sconce by Barbara Barry

I thought to myself, "I love these sconces. That's it. Sold." 
Only problem? The price.  The single sconce was $357 and the double was $462 AND I needed 4. 

What's a girl to do when she falls in love with something so expensive?
I had to keep looking to see if I could find these exact lights for cheaper elsewhere. 
 Sadly, the prices were the same for every site I visited. :(

So, I continued my search:

I found these Robert Abbey/Jonathan Adler sconces at
I thought they were modern and fun.
Robert Abbey has great lighting.  I have a beautiful lamp in my bedroom from him.

Robert Abbey/Jonathan Adler sconce from Candelabra

I thought this one was quite pretty from Hemera Lighting:

Agatha sconce from Hemera Lighting

You know what's funny?  After all of this searching- and let me tell you I did A LOT of searching- I ended up getting these:

Restoration Hardware Double Sutton Sconce

Restoration Hardware was having a lighting sale (20% off- I believe it ends today). 
So, I figured for the price, these were the nicest- classic, but contemporary. 
That was time consuming and difficult. 

Let's see how they turn out.  Pictures to follow.




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