Ubuntu- What does it mean?

My mother-in-law is a supporter of the Ubuntu Education Fund.  The word "Ubuntu" is a Xhosa philosophy that implies human interconnectedness: "I am what I am because of who we all are."  The Ubuntu Education Fund is an organization that has taken interconnectedness to the next level by developing a model for raising orphaned or vulnerable children in the disadvantaged townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa.  Ubuntu helps these children through an integrated system of medical, health, educational and social interventions so that they can succeed in the worlds of higher education and employment. 
Over the past few years we have attended Ubuntu's New York City galas.  It's always a humbling experience as you hear the stories of so many that have achieved so much with so little.  It's hard to make it through the night with dry eyes.  This year was no different.  Along with the inspiring tales of hardship and great achievement, there is always a bit of music- Paul Simon and Dave Matthews performed in years past- and celebrity sightings- Donna Karan, Kevin Bacon and his wife Kyra Sedgwick, Alan Cummings, Justin Tuck (NY Giants), Mark Sanchez (NY Jets), Nick Mangold (NY Jets), Desmond Tutu, Malaak Compton-Rock (Chris Rock's wife) and Trudie Styler (Sting's wife) have attended the events-to name a few.

Pictures from Galas past:

Alan Cummings and Kevin Bacon, 2009 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Paul Simon, 2009 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Lauran and Justin Tuck (NY Giants), 2010 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Kyra Sedgwick, 2009 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Dave Matthews, 2010 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Mark Sanchez & Nick Mangold of The New York Jets, 2010 gala, Image via Ubuntu

Malaak Compton-Rock, Host of 2010 gala, Image via Ubuntu

This year Alice Smith and Gary Clark Jr. performed.  Having not heard of either musician (yes, I am officially out of the loop), I have to say I was more than pleasantly surprised.  I thought they were both amazing (though I do have to say that the acoustics in Roseland, an actual music venue, stink).  Though I am no editor for Rolling Stone, Alice has a dynamite voice that is super strong and has great depth.  Though she was accompanied only by a keyboardist, this lady could really bring down the house.  I would love to see her again,  especially if she was backed by a terrific band.  Gary Clark Jr. was Hendrix-like in his performance and watching his fingers move was awe-inspiring.

Alice Smith, Image via Kingpinphoto.com

Gary Clark Jr., Image via pigeonandplanes.com

So, what's more important than helping educate and provide health care for those less fortunate than us?...

 My outfit (yes I am just kidding)!

 The evening called for festive attire, so I thought these ikat pants would be fun and cheerful (especially since I'm obsessed with ikat. See {here} ).  I also think they are a bit much for the office unfortunately, so it gave me an opportunity to have some fun....

Top: Ann Taylor Loft (no longer available online); Pants: Ann Taylor Loft (no longer available online); Bag: Vintage Gucci; Watch: Armitron; Bracelet: J. Crew

Shoes: BCBG Girls (old)

My Ubuntu bracelet


  1. Sounds like a great cause Ris. Would love to learn more... and Absolutely loving the whole "get-up" especially the pants. Need to add something similar to my wardrobe. I just got this great Heritage ikat skirt from Banana Republic. I've been pairing it with a brilliant yellow Tippi Sweater in Linen from JCrew. You should check out the skirt at: http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=35288&vid=1&pid=905328

  2. A few comments about this outfit that you sent me, Yasmin- 1) love ikat (as you know), 2) love the combination of yellow and grey together (which you also know). Love how this outfit represents two of my blog posts! Looking good! Thanks for sharing!


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