For the Little Guys

My older son, H (as I like to refer to him as on my blog), is going to be 3.5 years old next month.  As he grows older, the more opinionated he gets.  Of course I'm not saying I don't want him to have his own opinions, but this is going to take a little while to get used to.  The Gap was having a sale, so I bought him a cute orange t-shirt with a turtle on it and a blue one with a shark.  He immediately loved the shark one and then looked at the turtle one with a frown on his face.  He said, "Mom, I don't like fake turtles.  I only like real turtles." Um. Ok.  Me: "So, should I take the shirt back to the store?" H: "Yes."  Over the course of two days, I kept trying to get him to like the shirt telling him how cute the turtle was.  He was not budging.  So, I returned it.

In homage to H and his big opinions, I have included some clothes that he would stamp with his approval because they have animals that chomp, stomp, are scary or dangerous.  That's my boy! ;)

These are all from Mini Boden
 I usually like to spend a little bit less on clothes for the boys, but I do have a coupon..
maybe they will go on sale?

Mini Boden Dinosaur Action T-shirt

Mini Boden Octopus Big Print T-shirt

Mini Boden Danger Applique T-shirt

Mini Boden Board Shorts

Mini Boden Danger Applique T-shirt

Gymboree had a whole collection that paid tribute to the shark.
Here are a couple of favs though the whole collection was super cute (and on sale!).

Gymboree Plaid Shark Polo Shirt

Gymboree Shark Knit Active Shorts

The Gap had these that were also on sale:

Gator tee from the Gap

This guy got approval in our house:

Shark tee from the Gap

Unfortunately his cute turtle friend was not so lucky and had to go back to the store.
Poor guy.

Turtle tee from the Gap

And some furious footwear to add to collection.  H also has these:

Shark flip flops from Old Navy

What are your little guys (and girls) wearing this summer?


  1. The Mini Boden Stuff is adorable! That is what my little man will be wearing next summer.

  2. Of course he said that. Mike and I love the Bruce t-shirts.

    1. Well, you know how strong the opinions of your nephew are. :)
      Only a good auntie would know that Bruce is the friendly great white shark from Finding Nemo. ;)

  3. Christine- I know! I could have literally included everything they had cuz the stuff was so cute. Luckily for me I was limiting myself to the chomp-worthy. Lol. Can't wait to meet your little guy. How much longer?

  4. Ris, I can totally relate...LOL. These picks are great for summer.

    1. Thanks Yasmin! So I'm not the only with an opinionated child in the house? lol!


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