My Life in Boxes

So, today's the day. We are moving out of Brooklyn. The morning started out with my 3 year old in tears saying, "I don't want to leave my house in Brooklyn. Brooooooklyn." Leave it to a 3 year old to express exactly how you are feeling. We are on to bigger and better things is what I have to keep telling myself despite my tears.

Our closing on the apartment is on Thursday and we will be staying with family for a little while until our renovations are complete on the house.

So, let's lift our glasses in a toast to the BK. 8 years of memories. An engagement, a wedding, the first place we bought together and the arrival of our two boys... It's been swell. We will miss you. Thanks for having us.


  1. Aww such great memories there! So happy for you guys! Bitter sweet it is!

    1. So true! Just have to remember that we will have great memories in the new house too! xo


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