It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday

The previous owners of our house used the below room as their dining room.  The walls were covered with a peachy grass cloth wallpaper.  Initially, we were going to keep it on the walls, but after closer examination we realized that the wallpaper was coming up at the seams and would likely need to be redone. 

After the wallpaper was taken down

 So, we took down the wallpaper and found a little surprise.

We found these little guys under the wallpaper.  The previous owners bought our house in the early eighties.  I would assume that they wouldn't cover up their own paintings with wallpaper, though I could be wrong.  So, I'm assuming that these angels are at least 30 years old, which is not that old in the 115 year history of our house.  I still thought it was cool to find these little treasurers.  

Unfortunately for them, they are totally not our style, so we painted over them.  I felt really badly, but I really couldn't visualize them fitting in with any of our decor.  Sorry angels :(

This wallpaper was covering the ceiling of our foyer.  It's toile that depicts several scenes.

Again, felt so badly ripping it down, but it was totally not our style though it does go with the style and age of our house.  More importantly, it made the ceiling of the foyer seem much lower than it actually was.  I feel like the ceiling is a foot taller now than it was before (have some pics somewhere with the new ceiling-post soon).

Sometimes it's hard to rip things down and tear down walls.  It doesn't feel great to destroy things.  We always try to conserve the old where we can though, but sometimes you have to get rid of the old to make way for the new. 


  1. I have 2 words for those angels -- BUH-BYE! :) Can't wait to see the renovations when they are complete! I'm sure it will look amazing.

  2. I love those trompe l'oeil columns- please keep one! Or were they already painted over? Anyway, can't wait to see how the new house turns out.

    1. Unfortunately, the columns also went the way of the angel- painted over..
      If it makes you feel better, they were very one dimensional. :)

  3. Lol.... Ris, you are hilarious. Just showing my hubby your blog and we are both cracking up with laughter at your "sorry angels :(".... I would have painted over them too.... Lol.

    1. Good to know that I am not the only one who thinks that the angels should have been painted over! Glad to see that I'm making someone laugh. Thanks to you and hubby for reading. xo


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