Tales from a Wandering Shopper

Happy Friday!

This post it a bit of a mash up.

First off, I wanted to show you that the Wall Street Journal was in agreement with me about adding some fun to men's wardrobes, and footwear in particular, by adding colored laces. 

See my post about this here.

Thanks to my fashion-forward co-worker who sent this article my way.  :)

Click on the link below if you want to take a look at the WSJ article.

The rest of the pictures are from my wandering around town trying to pick up some items from my spring shopping list. 
See my list here.

New Yorkers are notorious for carrying around a million bags for our gym clothes, yoga mats, flats to change into after running around in heels all day, etc.  So, I thought these totes from the Gap would be a cute way to incorporate neon (top left) or very bright colors (top right- the tote is actually a very electric blue).  Also, I love stripes.  I can't get enough of them, so, I think the black and white one (bottom left) is super cute too.  I would be schlepping around my kindle, a magazine, plans from our architect and an extra pair of shoes in one of these bags (in addition to my purse).

Sorry for the quality of this picture.  The lighting wasn't great in the store and I was using my cellphone.
Cute totes from the Gap

Super easy and cute way to add neon pink or electric blue to your outfit.

Bracelets and necklaces from the Gap

Gap Oxford shirt (on sale right now) with neon belt

Spring scarves. Love the colors.

Gap spring scarves (on sale now)

What have you picked up from your spring shopping list?
I'll be posting some of my finds next week.

Happy Weekend! xo


  1. Ris... I thought of you this past Friday while picking a few colorful things at JCrew. Got these great pencil skirts in "citron" and "Casablanca" blue.  I think you can totally work those into your office wardrobe with either a basic white shirt or black shell & cadigan. For the office I think basic/nuetral color tops work best (don't want to stir up too much buzz... Lol). On the weekend I plan to wear with a cute pattern Tee or cami. Here's the link: http://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/skirts/pencil/PRDOVR~59369/59369.jsp

  2. Yasmin- love the pencil skirts from J. Crew and all of the amazing colors they come in. Wandering into the crew this morning and noticed they were having a sale. Online they are $69.99 and I think you can get an additional 30% off if you use the code: LOVEIT bringing them down to $48.99.
    Happy shopping!


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