Finally. Something Done.

I was sadly delusional when I was on maternity leave. I thought that I would get a ton of my little projects done and a lot of spaces would be transformed. That SO did not happen. That's when I have to remind myself that I was a tiny bit busy taking care of a baby and shuttling around two other kiddos to and from school and their myriad of activities. :)
So, the other day we had a 3 day weekend.
(Note: This 3 day weekend was more than a month ago now... I've been working on this post since then when I can fit it in between my insane work hours.)
 I surprisingly did not have any work to do.
Needless to say, I turned into a crazy woman and tried to do as much as possible.
Here's a sneak peak at a project that I am working on in my closet area/dressing room.
I picked up the armoire from Restoration Hardware to store some of my bags and shoes.
Yeah cuz a shoe closet and another closet just isn't enough room.
Don't judge. LOL.

Though I intend to have a highly organized and curated collection of shoes and bags, I'm not a fool and know that this armoire could end up looking like a hot mess on the inside. I wanted to add some mirroring so I did a little DIY project on the glass.
More on that later.
It's not perfect, but it does the job.
Hot mess hidden- check.
 (not sure why the quality of this pic is not great- apologies)

We finally hung some pictures up in this blank space in the boys' bathroom and added a colorful clock. Remember this picture from a post long, long ago and my cute photo bomber, T? You can also go to that same post to see some great before pictures of the bathroom.


My kiddos have some super cute art that they bring home from school, so I've been trying to use it as decoration like Abby Nova did in her space.
Remember my post about it {here}?

I bought the frames ages ago, but didn't have the time to cut the mats etc. to get everything looking quite right.
I had the boys pick out their favorites and we came up with this:
(Some of these are looking a bit more 'crushed' than they do in real life.)


This is the boys' playroom. At some point in time, I will definitely share the before and after pictures of this space.
 I had originally intended on putting the art on a different wall, but wanted to get an idea on how they would look first. I think I need to do a few lot more and perhaps relocate this to another area of the playroom cuz these are looking a little lonely and pathetic.
Keep you posted on that project.
(Ps- sorry for the mess... )

Any projects that you are working on?
Please share. I would love to see.
Talk soon.


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