Tales of a Wandering Shopper

Hello there.
Hope all is well with you.

Things were a little bit slow at the office the last week or so, so I had some time to window shop.

Here are some of the little goodies I came across.

This little guy is a vintage planter. He will be making an appearance on our Easter tablescape.

Who doesn't love Home Goods? 
They had a bunch of super cute storage options for the boys' play room, lovely lamps, and beautiful picture frames at budget friendly prices.  What more can you want?

These were too cute to pass up.  All of the boys' junk toys will be going into these.

I had to have all of these lamps.  Yes, every single one.
I was really trying to figure out where these would fit in my house. 
Unfortunately, sometimes you can't force something. 

Love the color on these.

I love the 'artichokey' shape of these lamps.

I wish Hayden had a long and wide dresser so I could add these on either end. 
They would go great with the navy accents in his room.
Ok, am I rearranging a whole room and getting new furniture just to incorporate these lamps into his room? 

Yes... I know... crazy, but I resisted....

Tristan's room, which is still a work in progress (read this to mean-I have done nothing since this last picture. Ok. I have done something. There is now furniture in this room. I am not a complete waste of space. lol.), is painted a very pale green and this little lamp would look so cute in it.

Perhaps this would go better in a nursery rather than in a little boy's room?
Wherever it shall go, it will be super cute.

Then on to Anthropologie...

Remember my spring fling post?  Here are some minty glasses for your drinking pleasure.

Hot Air Balloon glasses from Anthropologie

These little floral plates would fit perfectly into the floral trend this spring.

Dessert plates from Anthropologie

Picked up this cute little mug to put all of makeup brushes in.

Hey there little guy.  :)

You may recall from one of my posts that Hayden likes to wear outfits that showcase ferocious beasts. I loved this rash guard and swimsuit I spotted during a visit to Target. Apparently octopuses are too evil to be worn. 

Here's a peak into our conversation about this outfit.
Me after MANY attempts to get him to try them on: "Hayden, I love these. Can you please try them on?" Hayden: "Mama, if you love these I cannot love you." Whoa. I guess there are some battles not worth fighting. Guess who won that one? Duh. Super cool swim outfit back to Target you go :(

Cherokee Octopus Rash guard from Target

Cherokee Octopus Swim Trunk from Target

These little guys from the Container Store can be used as hooks or book holders.
Granted they aren't going to hold a ton of books but you can add a few special books in your kiddo's favorite reading nook.

Whimsy Wall-Mounted Hooks from the Container Store

Last but not least was West Elm.

Ok. These flowers are made from.. Paper! Can you believe it? 

Of course, the real deal is always going to be better to me, but this is a fun way to mix things up.. and they will last a little longer than real flowers.

For more of the West Elm paper collection, you can go {here}.

I was feeling the way they styled this bird with these pretty sea-colored bottles.

Perfect for a beach house.

Framed Bird Wall art and Waterscape Vases from West Elm

For those more outrageous than me, this fridge could go in your kitchen and make quite the statement.
For me, I think it would be awesome in a rec room or basement filled with tons of beers and snacks.

Smeg Refrigerator in Orange from West Elm

Anything that has caught your eye that is a must buy?
Do tell.

xo to all,


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